If the onscreen keyboard has become messed up on your Galaxy S20 or is working incorrectly it can be set back to default.

If something has been adjusted too much or by mistake, personal predictions and so on, restoring into the default settings can help get things working again.

Below is a step-by-step how to Reset Keyboard Settings on Samsung Galaxy S20 with a video at the bottom of the page if needed.

How to Reset Keyboard Settings on Samsung Galaxy S20

  1. From your Home screen, swipe down from the top of the Galaxy S20, click on Settings. (Top Right Gear Icon)
  2. Click on General Management options.
  3. Click on language and Input options..
  4. Click On Screen Keyboard options.
  5. Click on Samsung Keyboard Settings options.
  6. Click on Reset to default settings.
  7. Select on Reset keyboard settings.
  8. A popup message will appear click reset to confirm

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