Samsung is proving that its serious about foldable phones. The company announced its third such device, the Galaxy Z Fold2, at the Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event on August 5. It follows the most recent Galaxy Z Flip smartphone, but is actually a successor to the original Galaxy Fold, as it folds like a book rather than a clamshell. It’s a significant upgrade too, as Samsung has responded to the main complaint we had about the first version — the size of the outer screen.

When the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is folded up, the outer screen now has an edge-to-edge design and measures 6.2-inches. The original Galaxy Fold’s screen was just 4.6-inches and had sizable bezels above and below it, making using it awkward. Unfold the phone and the inner screen now measures 7.6-inches — up from 7.3-inches on the original — and has lost the notch in the top corner.

The selfie cameras are now housed in an Infinity-O hole-punch on both the inner and outer screens. Both of the displays are OLED, so they’ll offer deep black levels and save on battery. The device as a whole is thinner than the previous-generation Galaxy Fold too. Unfolded, it comes in at 6mm.

Samsung has also shared some details about the tech used to make the Galaxy Z Fold 2 more durable. The device was used with the same ultra thin glass that Samsung used on the Galaxy Z Flip, which is more durable than the plastic used on the original Galaxy Fold. Not only that, but Samsung redesigned the hinge for the device, including bristles inside of the hinge to sweep out dust and dirt.

While Samsung has announced the Galaxy Z Fold 2, it has not shared all the details yet. We don’t know what processor is inside, or the camera array either. We do know it will come in Mystic Black or Mystic Bronze, a color that looks superb on the new Galaxy Note 20 series, and also that Samsung has teamed up with fashion house Thom Browne to create a limited edition model. Samsung also collaborated with Thom Browne for the Galaxy Z Flip, releasing a special edition in a custom color scheme earlier this year.

Crucially, we don’t know how much Samsung will charge for the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The Galaxy Fold cost $1,980 when it was eventually launched in 2019, after a series of issues delayed the phone’s release. The Galaxy Z Flip costs less at $1,380. We’d like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 to come in somewhere in-between these two prices, but with the advancements in technology, it’s possible this new phone will be even more expensive than the original.

Samsung isn’t the first to release a folding smartphone with an edge-to-edge screen on the outside. Huawei’s Mate X and Mate Xs use a different folding design that utilizes a single screen that folds together in the middle, so the same display is used when the device is open and closed. The Mate Xs is not officially available in the U.S.

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